Fun Canvas Art for Kids


We have lots of fun making this fun canvas art for our kids room. It was such an easy and rewarding crafty idea.


You will need:


How to Make:


Peel off the tape and press it down firmy, creating any pattern you desire.



Squeeze paint on to a piece of paper or plastic.


Paint different colours into each of the sections. You can also add stripes or patterns over the top to make it look a little more interesting.



Wait for it to dry, peel your tape off and it’s ready to hang!


  • Penny Gambrell

    Hi! What brand is the painting kit up above? Also, where can I purchase it from? The link to your page, just in case you don’t see what I’m talking about, is:

    Thanks so much! Penny

    • Amber

      Hi Penny,

      Thanks for your enquiry.
      The paints we use are just a standard acrylic paint.
      You can purchase these at any craft store.
      We hope you enjoy this project as much as we did!

      Bright Star Kids

  • Cassandra

    I was wondering how you got the dots and stripes on your canvas? Did you use the back of the paint brush? How big is your canvas to?

    • Amber

      Hi Cassandra,
      The canvas size is 30cm x 30cm
      We did use the end of a paintbrush to do the dots but the stripes were hand painted.

      We hope this helps

  • Candy

    This is a wonderful idea and I think I will go pick up a few canvas’ and have at it with my girls! (13 and 3)

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  • Jennifer

    I am planning this activity for a birthday party (for 6 children or fewer). Will the small bottles of paint (similar to the bottles in your picture) be enough for 6 8×8 stretched canvases? Thanks so much!

    • Amber

      Hi Jennifer, That sounds like a fun idea!
      I think you should be ok with that amount out paint.
      But just to be sure, perhaps purchase some bigger bottles incase.

  • Crystal

    What did you wrap the canvas around? I have a class of 15.

    • Amber

      Hi Crystal,

      I purchased the canvas already attached to the frame.
      You can find these at a cheap store or a craft store.
      I hope this helps.